Galactic War

The Galactic War – A interplanetary military conflict that spans for several years. The number of planets (or governments) involved in the conflict and the duration of the conflict is was defines the term “Galactic”.

First Galactic War – 100 years. Eight mayor Governments.
Second Galactic War – 187 years. Seven mayor Governments.
Third Galactic War – 398 years. Five mayor Governments.

Minor wars have occurred between the different governments of the galaxy. These are called “conflicts” or “wars” but aren’t considered galactic wars:

0145.00 Humanity becomes a powerful spacefaring race and colonizes many planets. They conquer many races that were weaken by the recent galactic war and founded the First Terran Empire. This include the T’sas, Yazirians and Dralasites.

0642.00 New Terra and Roma Prime allied against the Vrusks. The conflict lasted two years.

0671.00 The Thuldan Empire tried to invade the Kalmathu Planets and failed. The conflict lasted one year.

0685.00 The Kroaths tried to invade the Thuldan Empire and failed. They used genetically engineer weapons like the Zeikune and the Puppeteer. The later become sentient and attacked back the Kroaths who had to destroy them. The conflict lasted two years.

2028.00 The Vulcans, Klingons and Cardassians formed their own Empires and started a war between themselves that lasted for ninety eight years.

2124.10 – A small space conflict between the Galactic Concord the Medurr Empire and the Sathar Hegemony, and at the end of these two years of battle, the borders defining the three governments was established. The Sathar used their first Cyberslaves and Cybodragons during this conflict.

2125.01 –The Volturnus Expedition were the Sathar hired a series of human pirates to set foot on one of the Kalmathu Planets and ―stir the anthill a little, causing the Kalmathu to attack the Ringunmor Star Consortium. This attack was repelled in five months.

2125.12 The Klicks attack the planets Spes and Rakkle starting their war against the Galactic Concord. This war hasn’t ended yet.

2126.06 The First Kroath Civil War started and was stopped by Graakan soldiers in less than one year.

Galactic War

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