A PL6- a pirate ship.

Type: Light (Colossal)
Subtype: Corvette
Tactical Speed: 3,500 ft. (7 sq.)
Hit Dice: 40d20 (800 hp)
Weight: 3,200 tons
Cargo Capacity: 150 tons
Sensors: Class III sensor array, targeting system
Weapons: 2 fire-linked fusion beams (range incr. 3,000 ft.), 2 firelinked CHE missile launchers (8 missiles each)
Crew: 16
Pass: 32

Crew Manifest:
Captain Black Patch

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [13:16:30]

SLS: Pending: Capture.


2127.07.05 – Deadwood – Under the command of Penelope Ranger, the crew of the GCS Penelope was investigating a lead about a missing person, Olarda Rodengene, on planet Deadwood. They were able to find her and capture the crew of the pirate ship The Hook with the help of local authorities. The remaining skeleton crew of the starship The Hook escaped to shadow space.

2127.07.07 – Deadwood – The GCS Scimatar initiates pursuit of the pirate ship The Hook but it is able to flee into shadow space for the pirate safe port Hole in the Rock.


d20 Future: CODEX GALACTICA Galero