System Name: Narn
_Colonized Planets: 1
Star M Type
Class H Planet
_Land Mass: 99%/20%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: Narns
_Other Races: Present
_Progress Level: PL6-
_Government Index: Tyranical
_Economy Index/Education Level: 35%/67%
_Military Index: None (Occupied)
_Population Index: Moderate: 40%/70%
_Develop Index: Mining World
Narn is the home planet of the Narns and a mining world under the control of the Sathar Hegemony who conquered them decades ago and use them as servants and specialized slaves. Planet Narn is a desert planet, the third in its system with 2 moons named by the natives as the two sisters. The narns are very religious people who have been submitted to a lot of abuses by the Sathar. The narns are reptile-like humanoids that are believed to be distant cousins of the medurrs but the later hate the concept because they think that the narns are content being slaves. This planet is part of the Sathar Hegemony. The following are places of interest:
_Rashaka – Capitol City and main spaceport of planet Narn. As many of narn’s cities, the place was once full of beautiful buildings and other architectonic wonders. Now a quarter of the city has been destroyed, another half rebuilt by the Sathars.
__Goverment Palace – The Sathar Governor Office has taken over the main palace and from there they monitor the main communication grid of the planet. Keep an eye in commerce and communicate with the mayors of every city on the planet.
__Rashaka Base Camp – A complete neighborhood of the capital city has been converted into a military complex that is home to five thousand Travian enforcers.
_Kharaghi – The mayor producer of two narn beverages Taree (a potent, red alcoholic drink) and Ryddi (a potent blue alcoholic drink, similar to Earth sherry).
_Loghata – Translated to “Defiance”, a small town were the last insurrection started in 2101. Destroyed by the Sathar’s Marines.
_Desert of Silence – The biggest desert of planet Narn is known as the desert of Silence.

The Sathar Law in planet Narn is controlled by the Travian Police, who have declared that “is a crime for a narn slave to carry or use a weapon, a crime which penalty is death”. The second law that also involves weapons “is a crime to provide a narn slave with weapons, a crime which penalty is also death.”

Narn, Desert of Silence
_Desert of Silence – The biggest desert of planet Narn is known as the Desert of Silence. It is home of a huge sized creature named N’Elecin that has been hunted by Travians and Sathar almost to extinction. The narns claim that “drinking a tear form a N’Elecin’s eye makes a man dream of his futures”.



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