New Jupiter

New Jupiter
System Name: Sol II System
Star F Type
_Colonized Planets: 4
F[(B)1-( C )1-(M)2-(J)12-(D)0]
Class J Planet
_Land Mass: 99%/0%
_Gravity: Very High
_Atmosphere: Dense
Dominant Race: Humans
_Other Races: Many
_Progress Level: PL7
_Government Index: Democracy
_Economy Index/Education Level: 20%/89%
_Military Index: Deep Space Fleet
_Population Index: Moderate: 10%/99%
_Develop Index: Mining
New Jupiter is a planet located on the Sol II system whose moons were terraformed and colonized in the first human expansion on 145AG. This planet is part of the Galactic Concord. Is a central (core) planet and has its own police force in charge of it and in charge of the whole array of 63 moons that surround the gas giant many of them are terraformed and those who don’t are colonized or used as short term mines. The largest planet in the Sol II system, New Jupiter, has long been mined to sustain the space travel that allows the Governing Parliament to maintain control of far-flung colonies. Jupiter’s strong magnetic field makes most sensor reading impossible at close range, and gas mines on Jupiter must work ‘blind,’ although a system of satellites have been manned with laser communication to allow warning of mines after the ill-fated Daedalis Mine was swallowed by the Great Red Storm. Mining of Jupiter has been surpassed by the much safer mines on Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus, leaving the primary value of Jupiter to be that of its surrounding moons. The planet itself isn’t colonized, but many of the moons are. All of the moons of Jupiter are used for mining and farming. Some of the moons are as big as other planets like New Pluto or New Mercury, others are small as a mountain. The twelve main moons from bigger mass to smaller mass are:

  • Io – The biggest sized moon has a small colony in terms of population but a richer economy with vast fields and cattle that are raised to feed the colonists of all the other moons of New Jupiter. It has been completely terraformed and has a few mayor cities were the cattle and grains are packaged and sent to other moons.

Specific Locations:

  • Adrastea – Hundreds of small sized spaceships move around these small terraformed moon, they mine other moons around it and use Adrastea as a central point. The moons around Adrastea are called the Adrastea’s Mining Range.
  • Amalthea – A processing facility planet, filled with factories, ore processing facilities, gas purification facilities and other industries.
    Metis – Weyland-Yutani Corporation controls the majority of the mining installations on this moon.
  • Callisto – A mayor packer of inert gasses, the cities of Callisto receives small prospector ships and buys their ores and gases.
    Pacifica – Another terra formed moon, is the mayor builder of starships for the Galactech Corporation.
  • Camille – Another terraformed moon filled with small cities and a small port for ultralight starships.
  • Europa – The city of Metropolita is considered the mayor trader port of all New Jupiter. Many government and administrative issues are solved in the city as it has headquarters of all the mayor corporations that own different moons and planetoids. The population of millions and the size of the city makes this the place visited by tourists when the want to know what New Jupiter is, but this is not a representation of how life in the other moons really is.
  • Flammarion – Non-terraformed moon with a port for ultralight and small-sized starships.
    The rest of the 51 moons are asteroid sized and shaped and are named with numbers.
  • Ganymede – A terra formed moon, is bigger than New Pluto or New Mercury and has a minor port usually a safe harbor for criminals and outlaws. Transport between Ganymede and other mayor moons is constantly performed by small inner system spacecrafts. Is the largest moon circling Jupiter, Ganymede was the last of the moons to be terraformed, using perfected techniques. Ganymede has a sustainable atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen, prolific plant life transported from earth, and even animals. Ganymede’s one ocean is named for astronomer Galileo, and is a habitat for earth’s aquatic life, protected by the Governing Parliament. Land masses and the cities built on them (smaller than earth’s continents) are named for influential philosophers: Aristotle, Descartes, Marx, Nietzche, Rousseau, Socrates, and Confucius. Space-traffic control on Ganymede controls all traffic in the planet and its moons. Socrates City is home to Ganymede Traffic Control.
  • GCS Jovian One Military Platform – Local military base of the Galactic Concord Military
  • Marius – The biggest moon of the Adrastea’s Mining Range and the only one that has been terraformed of that group (apart from Adrastrea). It has some local mining and farms but is considered more as a step to go to other moons outside the Adrastrea’s Mining Range.
  • Simon – A huge gas mining facility controlled by independent contractors is installed here and takes advantage of it’s proximity to New Jupiter’s atmosphere to mine directly from it.

2125.06 – [Orto Purell] Otro de los trabajos que tuve en New Jupiter fue de taxista en Europa. Allí servía de chofer para varias personas. Ellas pedían en la compañía que fuera yo por que los llevaba a lugares donde ningún otro piloto los llevaba. Otros pedían que los llevara a Garymede por que con mi reputación podían entrar y salir sin problemas.

2126.06.06 – Ganymede Traffic Control is a newly constructed and top of the line facility that is in charge of space-traffic control of all traffic in New Jupiter moons, between moons and to other planets of the Sol II System. The Installation of the GTC in Socrates city using an A.I.M., Ganymede Station, has helped to lesser the problems with the more than 5,000 cargo shuttles and mining ships that come and go every day.

2127.03.13 – New Jupiter – [ Dread Alpha Preatorian Morphean 53 ] – The problem with crime in New Jupiter is how big the mining business has grown without control in the last 70 years. Mining permits have been given to big companies and small entrepreneurs that in their race to see any profit are capable of just about anything, from stealing from a neighbor mine to paying a smuggler for stolen supplies and illegal machinery. A raid of the complete planet, moon by moon, looks impossible, but I’m eager to start right now.

[GM Note: This planet culture and technology has been designed following the Cyberpunk genre. Movies like Outland, Bladerunner and Running Man are used as examples of their form of life and society.]

New Jupiter

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