Order of the Silver Light

Order of the Silver Light

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” – Knight’s Proverb

To protect those who can’t protect themselves.
To honor the Order and the Ideals it represents.
To excel in the development of owns abilities.

72AG The Order of the Silver Light is formed when members of different monster hunter’s groups from diverse races banded together to fight the Elohim. Central Point – The first members of the Order of the Silver Light trained by the N’sss in Central Point leave to track and fight Elohims.
90AG The first Purifiers that joined the order were trained by the N’sss.
2100AG Up to this moment the Knights have been able to eliminate many menaces including: Vampires, Sandsalves, Etoile and Zeikune.
2111AG The Liberty of Rights Laws are passed on the Galactic Council giving the right to many races to cohexist like the races from the Mana System (including dragons), Robots and Clones. Organizations like the Cult of the Cykotek, the Church of the Necromongers and the Church of Betazeth are given rights too. Nomad races like the Vios, Liandrens and Fraals are given rights to colonize planets if they become part of the Galactic Concord.
2126.10 – Templaria III – After the Purifiers were set as the higher ranking branch on the order, Doku is raised to the rank of High Inquisitor and is re-located on the Silver Tower.
2126.11 – In secret, the Knights of the Silver Light appointed personal bodyguards to all members of the Galactic Counsel, all individual president of each core planet, and people on key positions of the Galactic Concord Military. Some of them were disguised operatives, all of them were Purifiers.

The order of the Silver Light represents the most honored interests of peace and order. The mayor governments respect their jobs and allow them to work as long as that doesn’t interfere with a mission of the given fleet or local authorities. Before the Galactic Concord created his Star Frontier Branch the Knights traveled the galaxy in their own ships or as
passengers of other races, tracking monsters and evildoers. They helped in colonization of planets, rebellions and wars. In the Third Galactic War their intervention was a decisive factor to end the war and also in the creation of the Galactic Concord. The members are know by a title related to their branch or concentration in the order. For example: Knight Purifier is amember of the Purifier Advance Class. The person in charge of a complete branch is called a Lord Knight. The leader of the complete order is known as Supreme Knight.
The Knights of the Order of the Silver Light follow The Way as their belief and guide.
The two main goals are to achieve balance and to exist in harmony with nature (and with all living beings). There is no deity as such which conceptualizes ultimate reality as a primal energy. This energy is expressed in the world in the form of two equal and opposing forces, the “yin” or passive female force, and the “yang” or active male force. These forces are neither good nor evil, and what is desirable is that they be in balance at all times. The tension between yin and yang creates “qi” (pronounced “chee” and sometimes transliterated as “chi”) or life energy. Qi is found in all things, but particularly living creatures.
The Silver Manacles are used at all times and not many people orders or tries to convince a Silver Knight to remove them. This is considered a breach of trust on the part of the one who is trying to disarm the knight. The knight has to be just, honorable and always trustworthy.

Must have one of his Alliances as Order of the Silver Light. The character must be of one of the following advanced classes: BattleMinds (MODp.307), Purifiers (FUTp.43), Shadow Hunters (URBp.) or ShadowSlayers (MODp.290).

Reputation – As a member of the order the character gains a +4 reputation bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks. People respect the individual power of a knight and all of them as an order.
Respect for the Uniform- Themembers of the church can use their own uniforms instead of the naval uniforms if they join other organizations. This is done as a respect for their organization.
SilverManacles – The symbol of power of theOrder of the Silver Light. They are made of Mithril and worn all the time by members of the order. They gave special powers to the knight that enhance his natural abilities to fight.
Tohar Shelahl – A high frequency sword used by members of the Order of the Silver Knights.

Knight – Title of the members of the Order of the Silver Light. Members are known for their branch on the order Knight Purifier, Knight Shadow Slayer, Knight Battle Mind, etc.

Sources: Star Wars: Jedi Knights.

Starships register under this fleet:
OSL Skywalker

Order of the Silver Light

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