Piracy Ring

Piracy Ring

Motto: Unknown

Objectives: Unknown.

1804.10.09 – Helena Troys become the second in command of the Piracy Ring. She keeps that position for 10 years. She fights Sathar and Medurr ships with the same cruelty as they attack human ships gaining the nickname “Bloodtroy”. She did a lot of tricks and jobs around the Galactic Concord causing a lot of trouble.
2127.10 – The political situation between the dominions around the area known as The Badlands has attracted the attention of different powerful groups that are fighting to control the area and benefit from it. The Malthar’s Crime Syndicate, the Piracy Ring, the Thuldan Slave Ring and the Melange Smuggling Ring are the mayor ones on this “market competition”.

Star Devil – The Star Devils is the reigning faction of the organized Piracy Ring. Yep, those pesky sons of guns that stirred up so much trouble during the Volturnus Expedition are in power, under the leadership of one Lucifer Yurack (a.k.a. “the Star Devil” himself). No one has seen Lucifer in centuries, but his history is a rich one. It is believed that he is a cybernetic organism, which certainly explains his lengthy existence. Some theorize that he is even an agent of the Sathar.

Red Devil – The Red Devils are a mercenary outfit offshoot of the Star Devils with a similar insignia (a red demon’s head encircled with stars, as opposed to the Star Devil’s encircled full demon. Wild, unpredictable, and out of control (save for their allegiance to the Star Devil), they are the most dangerous and most ruthless.

The Piracy Ring also uses other kinds of bands or criminal groups as marine troops when they want to attack a bigger base or colony. This groups include the Judoon and The Rhino Troop, Dabbla Lang, The Bad Hunters and the Old Cykotek.

Advantages: Unknown

Prerequisites: Unknown

Star Law classification:
SLC: [20:25:25]
0145.11 – Templaria III – Piracy.
0671.09 – Bezhin 6 (38B9) – Piracy.
2122.13 – Cestus III (35B8) – Piracy.
2125.01 – Kalmathu Planets – The Volturnus Expedition were the Sathar hired a series of human pirates to set foot on one of the Kalmathu Planets and ―stir the anthill a little, causing the Kalmathu to attack the Ringunmar Star Consortium. This attack was repelled in five months.
2126.01 – Alarin III (35B6)- Piracy.

SLS: Pending: Capture. Dismantle.

2125.01 – Shadow Space (30B5)

2124.11 – At this time the Star Devil joined their strength with the Red Devils and became the Pirate Ring.

2125.01 – Dangerous: Find base, report and return to base with battle ships. Pirate base hasn’t been found.

2126.09 – It is rumored that the Pirate Ring is expanding their sphere of influence and trying to recruit new pirate ships. The ships in their list are: Arcadia, The Furries, The Hook, The Liberator, Nitzie, The Eye Tyrant and The Whip.

2126.10 – Templaria III – Rumors started by a man named Mr. Bret Duval who inform us that The Whip and the Eye Tyrant are currently working for the Malthar Crime Syndicate. He also told us that the captain of the Arcadia is much too honorable to work with the Pirate Ring. [Data Reliability: UNKNOWN].

2127.07.02 – Templaria III – The crew of the GCS Icarus arrested Kovania and dismantled her criminal band named The Ruthless. Enough evidence was found to give a big blow to the Blood Axis smuggling operation. Information about a secret war between the Blood Axis and the Piracy Ring was discovered.

2127.08.26 – Templaria III – Crow from the Blood Axis hired the Dynamite Gang to damage a pirate ship and capture its captain. The gang is succesful in wounding and killing 12 crew members of the Arkos Drex and delivering a unconcious Captain Drex to Crow.

2127.09.02 – The police attacks on the Blood Axis has made them lose so many operatives and resources that the remaining members of the organization had to hide and the criminal operations are left to different groups of low profile criminals who take advantage of the situation. This makes more difficult to track the remaining leaders of the Blood Axis and gives the Piracy Ring the oportunity the were looking for to gain control of the local illegal traffic.

2127.09.13 – [Guinian Berg] The rummor is that the Piracy Ring is moving their ships to take control of the smuggling operation of the Blood Axis. This will cause another blow in the Blood Axis organization and an increase on the Piracy Ring’s wealth. They will attack first smugglers on distant planets and ships moving between shadow planets and frontier planets. This shouldn’t take more than three months.

Source: [Game: Star Frontiers]

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Piracy Ring

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