Planet Killer

Planet Killer
The Vios told Violet a tale of a doomsday weapon capable of tearing apart planets that destroyed the planet of the vios and of the fraals. The Fraals deny that this weapon exists.

The Ancients’ Final Solution
The “planet killer” was an automated, self-propelled doomsday machine capable of destroying entire planets. It has 90,000 Hit Points and hardening of 50. It can travel at a tactical speed of 8 squares. When at 20 squares of a planet or moon it will start an anti matter reaction that will create a small black hole that can destroy the stellar body. It can also replensih its energy from stars or black holes.

2127.03.30 – Zhadum – The crew of the GCS Penelope found the lost planet of the Ancients, Z’ ha’ dum, and also the Final Solution against The Void, the Planet Killer. The moon sized artificial intelligence starship is capable of ripping off complete planets and even stars. It can use long range sensors and telephaty to scan for void and targets every single planet “contaminated” for destruction. This is the Ancient’s final solution. SECLAR-9**TOP SECRET** THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE EXISTANCE AND LOCATION OF THE PLANET KILLER IS CLASSIFIED**

“_I can only proceed as stated on my basic programing, I’m not designed to take those kind of decisions. You can say that, in what respect to more complicated options: I’m broken_.”

2028.04 – Thanks to the intervention of the crew of the GCS Penelope and the Dynamite Gang that made a quick and short term alliance to fight The Future and The Holy Blade, the artifact of The Ancients known as The Purifier was discovered, repaired in a 86%, and sent in a travel to other realities in search of its masters. Both The City of Lights and the Planet Killer were components of the Purifier and disappeared from this reality too.

Planet Killer

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