Ringunmor Star Consortium

Ringunmor Star Consortium
This is the second government created by humans of the First Terran Empire, been the other two the Galactic Concord and the Thuldan Empire. The Ringunmor separated from the Terran Empire just before it’s destruction and began working as a set of merchant fleets and corporations. The members of the Ringunmor Star Consortium feel that they are so different (culturally and socially) to their human counterparts on Galactic Concord and Thuldan Empire that they call themselves Morians instead of Humans.

They are more interested in obtaining trade routes and profit from their business than fighting a real war but still keep a fleet of combat ready ships to watch over their valuable colonies and trade ships. Their marines are heavy armored soldiers that can fight but in space or in surface battles. The progress level of the Consortium is the same as the Galactic Concord because they copy everything the concord’s and empire’s scientists develop.

The Church of Betazeth is one of the organizations with enough power to influence some leaders, not as much as in the Thuldan Empire. The Malthar’s Crime Syndicate is known to have ties inside the Consortium but no one knows for certain the extend of those connections.

This society has been modeled using the decadent courts of the Europe of old planet Earth and their gothic constructions, pompous dressed and festivals and their always growing bureaucracy are some of their attributes.

[This race and it’s culture have been designed mixing material and ideas from the following sources: The Ringunmar Star Consortium presented in d20 Future (p.49), Babylon 5: The Centaury Republic, Star Trek: The Ferengi, Star Trek: The Orions and Warhammer 40k: Soldiers and Ships.]

Ringunmor Star Consortium Planets:
Ringunmor Prime 41N6
Gelia 47C0
Paradise 40B9
Petra 42B5
Pipeworld 39B6
Rhameil 42B4
ReDlof Wen 42C8

Technology: PL7
Starship Design: Ringunmor Star Consortium Fleet

Ringunmor Star Consortium Military

Ringunmor Star Consortium

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