System Name: Fromeltar
Star M Type
_Colonized Planets: 1
Class X Planet
_Land Mass: 99%/89%
_Gravity: High
_Atmosphere: Thick
Dominant Race: Dralasites
_Other Races: Present
_Progress Level: PL7
_Government Index: Democracy
_Economy Index/Education Level: 40%/60%
_Military Index: Intersystem Force
_Population Index: Over: 30%/90%
_Develop Index: Mining World
Teledrom is an ice-ringed, stormy and misty world full of river-canyons miles deep into the planet broken crust. Teledrom civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward the law. They are major importers of industrial processed goods and mayor exporters of Dilithium. They accept everything with curiosity, they like entertainment and everything from another planet is considerate exotic. Dralasites are a jovial and curious race. They get well with other races and like to share and communicate their ideas. Dralasites are philosophical and thoughtful. Their communities are small, and many Dralasites prefer to live alone. The biggest cities have no more than 1 million inhabitants and many of them live in off city smaller communities or family complexes. Cities have been created more by functionality than by the need to live in large groups. A complex interconnecting transportation system connects all the cities and communities. Dralasites do not care about wealth, power or status symbols. They judge themselves by the quality of their ideas and their ability to discuss important ideas wisely. Dralasites often hold large public meetings to discuss new ideas. Discussions and debates are among their favorite ways to relax. This planet is part of the Core Planets of the Galactic Concord.

Specific Locations:

  • Central Phoros – Dralasites are subdivided into small mission-groups called phoros. Humans refer to these as branches or arms (the dralaistes having no distinction between the two concepts). Each phoros is led by the eldest individuals among them by generation. This group sends long-distance interstellar communication back to the central government on Teledrom for purposes that have yet to be understood. The dralasites thus encountered confess that they themselves are not entirely sure with what those remaining on Teledrom do with the information, but agree that it must be important or else they wouldn’t have been asked to do it. The elder council of a phoros is entirely independent in their philosophies on how best to help the races they encounter, and have revealed that they never receive advice or commands on the matter from those left on Teledrom.
  • Comedy Central City – Dralasites are widely known for their strange sense of humor. They love old jokes and puns that make Humans groan. Many Human comedians who could not find work in Human cities have become rich performing on Dralasite worlds. Dralasites place high value on humor over concepts such as wealth, power or status. To a dralasite a shared joke or pun is a great bonding experience. Witty dralasites often use their humor to catch attackers off-hand or unprepared. Unfortunately, most races agree that dralasite humor is rather dry and underdeveloped, leading to a new adage for simple tasks; “Easier than amusing a dralasite.” A great example of dralasite humor, is the often re-purposed human joke, “Two dralasites consume a jester. One dralasite asks the other, ‘Do you taste something funny?’”
  • Philosophy Temple of Solitary Meeting – Dralasites prescribe to no central religion and in fact are quite individualistic in their philosophies. Most dralasites live apart from one another, but come together in debates not unlike the Socratic method. They refer to this as otorom or a “coming together”, and use the opportunity to refine the dralasite understanding of their group experiences. In these “otorom” dralasites judge individuals by the quality of their ideas and their ability to discuss important ideas wisely. Long ago prehistoric dralasites did worship a singular divine entity referred to only as “Ahm” who self replicated, creating all things in existence. Since then belief in deities or cosmic powers have given way to the scientific revelations that the vrusk imparted upon the dralasites.
  • Smell Parlor City – Steam baths are another favorite Dralasite recreation. They mix perfumes and intoxicants with the steam. These affect Dralasites the same way alcohol does a Human or Yazirian.
  • Starport City – Teledrom’s starport is modern and fitted for every starship need. They even have repair facilities for military starships of the Galactic Concord Military on the planet.
  • Vaporud Medical Center – The larger medical facility on the planet. The Center includes the Dralasite Genetic Heritage Research Foundation who tracks the lineage of specific Dralasites who are expected to be part of a leap in evolution who will give them a new racial ability. One of those lineages was the one of Dlal Ztletsh.
  • The Tube – A complex interconnecting transportation system that connects all the “cities” and communities. Is composed of trains, subways and other types of mass transportation, but all the vehicles are designed with separated rooms for up to 4 individuals.

While dralasites are solitary individuals among their own race, they enjoy immersing themselves in new and different experiences almost as much as humans and t’sa. Dralasites can sometimes become “drunk” on experience if the do not moderate their involvement in social gatherings. This is a result of being exposed to too many different odors, primarily alien pheromones. Dralasite interaction guides often suggest limits of twelve to twenty individuals around dralasite envoys, and reduced interaction time with groups larger than that.


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