Templaria III

Templaria III
System Name: Templaria System
Star B Type
_Colonized Planets: 3
_Position on System: 3
B[(L)2- (B)1-(M)2-(A)2- (S)43-(J)9]
Class M Planet
_Land Mass: 41%/47%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: Humans
_Other Races: Many
_Progress Level: PL7
_Government Index: Democracy
_Economy Index/Education Level: 20%/60%
_Military Index: Intersystem Force
_Population Index: Medium:30%/80%
_Develop Index: Industrial World
Templaria III is a busy world full of industrialized areas and patches of cities that are unmistakable from space for its many lakes and rivers and scar-like mountain ranges. Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward law and business but they also have a mayor inclination toward religion and customs. They are mayor importers of raw materials and foodstuffs and mayor exporters of side plasma weapons and other large and medium sized technological devices. They accept psionic abilities and magic, but dislike monsters. The planet society is rich with a higher level of education and very dense population centers. Another detail about this planet is their political/pseudo-religious fractions like Chosen Monks of the Blue Moon, The Red Way and The Lighter Path among others.

Capital City
Provinces & other places of interest:
__ Crusade Province
__ Josetas Province
__ Monastery Province

Paradiso Train Lines

__GCS Templaria B – A starport orbits the planet and ships from many planets visit the place daily.

Templaria III has mining colonies on Templaria II, Templaria V-12 and Templaria V-21.

Templaria III

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