The City of Lights

City of Lights
A legend about a travelling city made of lights that is bigger than The Fraals starship-cities and faster than any jump gate. Starships report a complete (but temporary) malfunction of all machines near the anomaly and no records can be found fo the city except this picture.

Legends in the folklore of the following races include reference to this phenomena:
Aleeriens – “Energy Path”
Liandren – “Light Cross”
T’sas – “City of the Gods”
Vios – “Starcity”

2123.10 – Jaykan parents’ dead revolves around the Starcity and their relation to The Ancients. Jayvelsh(!) and Maddokan(!) found out that ”The Starcity was reported by The Fraals, Vios and Liandrens at the beginning of their nomadic lives. Like an omen or warning.”

2127.08.06 – Yunkworld – It was discovered by the crew of the GCS Penelope that the secret war between The Future and the Church of Betazeth is a race to develop a prodigy telephatic person who can serve as a Key to open and control the legendary City of Lights who both groups believe is a super-telephatic-computer left by The Ancients. During that battle Oklosuro uses his telepathic powers to try to control the heroes and found information inside the head of Violet that was left there by a dead Tholians.

2127.10.26 – MoreauZiz Eris embark in a spiritual quest to find a strange man named The Prophet that lives on planet Moreau. She had the blessings of her Captain Sheba and seven days leave. Ziz discovered the man on Kittiol Cannon were he talk to her in a enigmatic wayt: “we are not mean to find each other today, we have to wait a long time for that”. She didn’t agree and asked him about her past: “your actions will change our path of destiny”. Eventually he told her some information about their past and some about their future before dying in the hands of General Roar Patton’s men. Prophet and Zis Eris are members of an old race that were roaming the galaxy prior to the First Galactic War. Some older and powerful race commited an error and their home planet died. The race took the survivors and placed them in a special plance named the “Star City”. Ziz also discovered that a boy and a girl are searching for a way to find this Star City for some evil purpose.

2123.10 – On planet Yunkworld a conversation happens between Mart Ironworth and Orto Purell de la Torre about his claim that he knows how to get to The City of Lights. " I meet Jaykan parents’ Jayvelsh(!) and Maddokan(!) before I deserted from the Thuldan Empire and when they were secretly investigating the Tholians. They had discovered that the found out that the Starcity was always present when a sentient race was about to become extinct because of a catastrophic event on their home planet, been that event natural or man-made. They knew that someone was following them and spying on them. They call it The Agent of …something. They told me that these ‘something’ didn’t want the City of Lights to be studied because it has something to do with another thing called Planet Killer. That is what I know. After they were killed I stayed here in this planet out of sight. "

2028.04 – Thanks to the intervention of the crew of the GCS Penelope and the Dynamite Gang that made a quick and short term alliance to fight The Future and The Holy Blade, the artifact of The Ancients known as The Purifier was discovered, repaired in a 86%, and sent in a travel to other realities in search of its masters. Both The City of Lights and the Planet Killer were components of the Purifier and disappeared from this reality too.

The City of Lights

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