The Future

The Future
A secret cabal of scientist criminal that are operating around the Galactic Concord, Thuldan Empire and Ringunmar Star Consortium.

Motto: Unknown

Objectives: To acquire state of the art technology in order to use it to gain power and money.

Timeline: Unknown
Status: Destroyed

Organization: This group of hackers, shadowjacks and rogue A.I. take control of nodes with enough processing power to build the tools they need to attack other nodes and steal their data. They usually do a run of less than 24 hours and that makes them very difficult to capture.

Access to PL8 technology, like:
Cloaking Technology
Nanite Culture
Nanite Multi-Tool
Advanced Genetic Manipulation
MECHA Paragon (Colossal)

Prerequisites: Unknown

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [20:20:30]
2123.08 – Materia – A Galactic Concord passenger ship was damaged by pirates and crashed on planet Materia. The crew of the starship Spacehunter rescued three survivors: Olarda Rodengene, Dianne E. Zentrik and Haver Staad. For the following months, they were tortured by the mutant leader named Cannibal and experimented upon a scientific criminal named Doctor Syringe.
2127.07 – Thuldan Empire – A secret war between a secret cabal of scientists know as The Future and the Church of Betazeth was discovered by Judge Lovotz and the crew of the GCS Penelope after investigating the disappearance of Olarda Rodengene. It appears to be that the CoB are trying to attain a specific psionic trait or group of traits using unnatural selection and the Future wants the same means by using genetic manipulation.
2127.08.06 – Yunkworld – It was discovered by the crew of the GCS Penelope that the secret war between the Future and the Church of Betazeth is a race to develop a prodige telephatic person who can serve as a Key to open and control the legendary The City of Lights who both groups believe is a super-telephatic-computer left by the Ancients.

SLS: Pending: Capture.

Source: Fringe TV Series, Heroes TV Series.

Know Members:
The Master (deceased)
Syringe (deceased)
Oklosuro (deceased)
Beyonder (deceased)
Oklan (deceased)
Lord Galen (deceased)
Reed Moebius (deceased)
Victor A.

Nestor Clone Crew

Known Starships:
Star of Battle (Destroyed)

2128.03 – An investigation made by the Galactic Concord poling resources under the command of Alfred Vesper including Judge Lovotz and the crew of the GCS Penelope have discovered the following details about the Psionic Operatives:
1. The City of Lights is real and very important or powerful. Something called “The Key” is needed to find it. The Key appears to be a person with specific psionic powers or some mind configuration.
2. There are two organizations that secretly are trying to find it:
a. The Future – An organization that has been working in secret to create The Key using genetic engineering to create a Psionic Boy: Oklosuro. They also use high tech and clones. One of their experiments was made on Olarda Rodengene.
b. The Church of Betazeth – An organization that has used unnatural selection to create The Key by breeding it into a Psionic Girl: Eve Alai. They also use a series of nuns that are secret agents of the church. One of these operatives was Rosa Purell.
3. Nor Oklosuro nor Eve Alai are The Key, but for some reason Oklosuro thinks Violet is.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper, head of Project K, scores a major blow on the organization The Future when he devices a strategy to destroy their main starship the Star of Battle. As parts of his plan, he brainwashes Shuvers Aellyez and places the complete crew of the GCS Penelope and the GCS Templaria B in danger. Anyway he presents this event to Admiral James Luc Rodengene as a major victory and a big step to stop the two organizations.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper trap works and he is able to kill three members of the organization named The Future: Beyonder, Syringe and Oklosuro.

2128.04 – A clipped blow is made by the Galactic Concord against the two organizations The Future and The Holy Blade. Alfred Vesper receives a commendation from Admiral James Luc Rodengene and both organizations are considered disabled.

2128.05.20 – Bezhin 6 – 23 Nestors are destroyed during the raid of the secret factory of MECHA Paragon (Colossal) that the organization The Future had on planet Bezhin 6. The splinter group was disabled and both Oklan and Lord Galen are considered killed in the attack even when the bodies were never recovered. The mission was conducted by the crew of the GCS Penelope with the full cooperation of the Bezhin Police Force 1.

2128.07.03 – The Fraal Starcity CH1C4G0 move to the source of a communication jamming that is cutting communications between the N’sss Colonies and the Galactic Concord. They find the LMC Blue Nebula who is PL6 but has been modified with a PL8 system by Patricio. When boarded by Fraals Soldiers they find the crew as slaves of the machinery to improve the computer and Victor A. connected to the machine as a type of pilot or trigger. The ship explodes as do a set of mines cloaked around the area. The Fraals’ ship receive minimum damage.

The Future

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