The Holy Blade

The Holy Blades
Status: Disabled
The Church of Betazeth has an inner sect or secret organization that are bound to discover a way to find The City of Lights. For that they have arranged a series of forced inbreeding to create a small girl with the psionic powers to become “The Key”. Is still unknown what the Key is.
Mother Larita Shaddy Juno (Deceased)
Mother Narita Sepharine (Deceased)
Little Sister Eve Alai The Girl (Deceased)

In this organization they recruit the best and most dangerous of their church’s battle minds and telephats. These are enhanced using Melangue, trained as assassins and equipped with new identities and fake identifications (all are fake IDs DC:30) to be able to move around the different governments (like the Galactic Concord’s territory) without been detected.

The known/captured members are:
Sister Cassandrita Samona (Captured)
Sister Claretha Jamquitarious (Deceased)
Sister Shaniqua Treyshon(!) Rosa Purell

Sister Carrie Dobro

The remaining members of the group are (all fake IDs):
Sister Juashekita Treyshon
Sister Estilia Valstine
Ney Sigour(!) – A body guard that lives in Templaria III and works for Misla Corporation. (Deceased)
Janey Dazroas(!) – An entertainer lives in Templaria III and works for Zepol Inefer. (Deceased)
Ripley Keegeth(!) – Galactic Concord Marine appointed on GCS Templaria B. (Deceased)
Lieutenant Gwen Travis(!) – Galactic Concord navigator, currently in leave in Templaria III.
Queen of the Weavers(!) – A Posians traveler that is looking for a job at GCS Templaria B. (Deceased)

Def: 17(20); HP: 50.
Advancement: Charismatic:3/Battle Mind:5
Battle Mind: Psi Blade: 2d6 + 4
Equipment: Psi Blade Crystal + 1D, Psichic Tattoo (heals 50 hit points), Invisibility, Haste
Psionic Powers: Psychofeedback + 4, Precognition + 4

2127.05 – This group of Secret Agents of the Church of Betazeth have been moving around in different circles and can be called upon Narita Sepharine at any moment. She has moved them to the Templaria System, specially GCS Templaria B to capture Content Not Found: violet since Eve Alai took the information about Violet been The Key from Orto Purell’s mind.

2128.04 – A clipped blow is made by the Galactic Concord against the two organizations The Future and The Holy Blade. Alfred Vesper receives a commendation from Admiral James Luc Rodengene and both organizations are considered disabled.

The Holy Blade

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