Thuldan Empire

Thuldan Empire
A few of the planets of the First Terran Empire keep together after its fall, concentrating their power in the planet Thuldan Prime and so they became to be known as the Thuldan Empire. The humans on the Thuldan Empire dominate other races, there are few places were a ruling cast of humans aren’t in charge of another species. A strong Emperor that gained it’s power with complot, spies and genocide is now the leader of a group of old houses that control all the power in that area. The emperor has an army of marines that are known as the Stormtroopers and a personal guard known as the Mangalorian Warriors. His fleet has the same progress level as the Galactic Concord but the Emperor won’t risk an open war … yet. A recent treaty puts the Empire to work with the Ringunmor Star Consortium and the Galactic Empire but is only a way to gain knowledge of the The Fraals’ s Jumpgate Technology. Once he is ready, is very sure that he’ll strike fast and hard.

Organizations like the Church of Betazeth, that helped the Emperor to raise in power are allowed all over the Empire, others like the Order of the Techno Knights are only beginning to appear and haven’t capture the attention of the Emperor yet.

A group of Barons control different planets and have positions of power around the Empire all under the watchful eye of the Emperor. Many are people who abuse of their power.

Melangue, also known as The Spice is only found on planet Dune and the Emperor uses it for his own benefit and the benefit of the Church of Betazeth. The Spice has the ability to increase the psionic potential of individuals but is highly addictive. This martial society has been modeled following the old Nazi teachings from the old planet Earth and the members of other races (even adapted) are considered sub-races.

The Emperor rules the Empire with absolute power (though nominally bound by a Constitution), with third-in-command Sate Pestage as Grand Vizier (the Head of Government, who was running the Empire during battle time). Fett Vader is the Emperor’s second-in-command as well as the Military Executor and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces. Two of the Emperor’s top advisers are Janus Greejatus and Sim Aloo. The leadership of the Empire is called the Imperial Inner Circle, led by Palatine. Below the Emperor, real power is in the hands of Sector Barons such as Tarkin, and other regional governors, and is heavily enforced by the military. A Council of Lords is established to govern individual sectors and regions of the Empire more efficiently. Eventually, the regional governors are granted direct control over their territories and more power as well.

[This race and it’s culture have been designed mixing material and ideas from the following sources: d20 Future: The Thuldan Empire (p.49), Star Wars: The Empire, The Nazi Regimen, Frank Herbert’s Dune: The Empire.]

Thuldan Empire Planets
Capital: Thuldan Prime

Technology: PL7
Starship Design: Thuldan Empire Fleet
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Thuldan Empire Nobility
Thuldan Empire Military

Thuldan Empire

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